Let's talk about how some men talk to women in comics




Last week I wrote this piece for Comic Book Resources about the new Teen Titans #1 cover. The point of the piece was hey, there’s a broad demographic DC *could* be hitting with this book but the cover is certainly not made for that potential demographic. Instead, it’s more of the same-old,…

People who work in the comic book industry to women:

“We don’t like you. And fuck your money because we make oodles of it by objectifying you.”

The misogyny is fucking OVERWHELMING.

Does anyone actually read comics anymore. This is probably the worst representation of comic book artists as a whole. Many of the male artists actually do a good job when drawing proportionate female bodies. Like damn, you would single out this ONE comic. There’s Vertigo, Image, Marvel, etc that have done well to portray females in a respectful manner in both how they are shaped, dressed, and presented. So just because there’s a few comics that have bs like this in it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Go read American Vampire or The Wake, with great female characters and ALL the X Men comics like damn. You’re missing out.

yoooooooo Saga